How To Pass Your Maths GCSE Resit with Only Weeks to Go

GCSE Maths Resit

So you failed your Maths GCSE back in the summer, and now resits are a mere month away. We’re going to assume that you wouldn’t be reading this article if you felt 100% confident about your prospects in the retakes. But while the clock may be ticking, there is still all to play for.  

Fitting 2 years’ worth of maths teaching into the space of a few weeks daunting, but many have done it before and come out top trumps in their Maths GCSE resit. It takes hard work and elbow grease, but it also takes a strategic approach to allocating your time and effort.  

If you follow these 2 following principles, you will put yourself in a prime position to pass your Maths GCSE resit with a grade you can be proud of.  

1. Cramming is a necessary evil

Every teacher you’ve ever had has probably made it relentlessly clear that cramming is not the way to go, and they’re mostly right. Shoving large quantities of information into your head in a blistering sprint  is, without a doubt, a sub-optimal way to learn. But right now, cramming is the only option you’ve got (and – whisper it – it can work).  

Yet before you plunge into the books for umpteen hours a day, you have to think about a plan. First, think about the topics that really stumped you last time round. Whether it was quadratic equations or trigonometry that proved to be your Achilles heel (or both at the same time), skew your revision schedule towards tackling the areas of maths you struggle with most. Time is precious, so don’t waste time going through the comforting motions of forensically reviewing the bits you feel comfortable with.  

After you’ve worked out what to work on, it’s time to think about how you will work on it most effectively. The first thing to remember is that time is precious, so you need to cull all potential distractions. Find a place to work and make sure your phone gets nowhere near it. If you’re working with a computer, block your own access to your usual procrastination favs using tools like these. Trust us – you don’t want to get 3 weeks down the line and realise you’ve blown your scarce revision time on TikTok.  

To put it simply. cram hard but cram smart.  

2. Think about why you failed first time round 

We get just how hard GCSE Maths can be, so there’s no need to feel down on yourself for having to resit your exam. But if you don’t get to the heart of the real reasons why you didn’t get it right the first time, the resit might still elude you.  

It might simply be a case of some fatal hang-ups with specific topics. As we have established, the only solution to this is to go through the curriculum in detail, make a list of what you struggled with, and dedicate as much time as possible to remedying your understanding of these aspects of GCSE Maths.  

But there are other reasons why people have to resit GCSE Maths that go beyond difficulties with particular aspects of the course. Some students find it very hard to gel with the subject as a whole. It’s not uncommon for the word ‘maths’ alone to evoke feelings of boredom, futility and even anxiety.  

If this is the case with you, it’s time to look beyond your textbooks for ways to make maths come alive. You’d do worse than to start with some of the practical ideas from maths communicator Alex Bellos in this Guardian article 

Motivation and personal discipline are big determiners of academic success. It might be that you didn’t feel driven enough the first time round to really unlock your potential. If you struggle to maintain motivation – and many people do – it’s worth looking for people in your own life, like teachers, friends, parents or other family members, who can hold you accountable in your GCSE resit mission.  

We want to help you pass your resit  

At TuitionWorks, we don’t like to think of bright students underperforming in maths. That’s why we started up our innovative maths tutoring platform in the first place!  

tutors are all fully-qualified teachers who are ready to help you get through the cramming phase and pass your GCSE Maths resit.  

We’ll build up a precise picture of your baseline maths abilities, and where you need the most help, through an online assessment and a free meet-and-greet with your tutor. They will then put together a personalised, intensive crash course of maths lessons that is carefully shaped around you.  

Lessons are conducted online on an interactive, state-of-the-art digital learning platform that helps you find the true joy in maths without having to leave your desk.  

You don’t need to battle your resit alone. To set yourself up for a passing grade in just four weeks, get in touch with our dedicated GCSE Maths tutors today.  

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