Advantages of Grammar schools 

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What are the advantages of passing the 11-Plus and then attending a Grammar school? 

The 11-Plus exam was a product of the Butler Education Act way back in 1944. Then, all children aged between five and fifteen were entitled to FREE education, attending Primary School until an age of 11 and then moved on to Secondary School which at that time came in 3 forms: Grammar, Secondary Modern and Technical. 

A pupil’s attendance in these schools was dependent upon how well children did in the 11-Plus exam. Children who successfully passed the exam could gain a place in a Grammar School, whereas those who were unsuccessful went on to either a Secondary Modern or Technical School.  

The initial aims of the system were to provide appropriate education for all.  

Today many existing Grammar and Independent Private Schools choose to examine prospective pupils whilst in their final year of Primary School via the 11-Plus exam. If successful a place in the school is usually offered. The exam purposefully goes beyond the SATs test carried out by Primary Schools in Year 6, testing maths, english and both verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning. 

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What can a Grammar school do for my child? 

Caring parents naturally desire the very best education they can get for their children. They want access to where they believe the best teachers work, safe learning environments and classes that will fire their passions for learning in all areas of the curriculum. 

Parents realise that their child can receive all these things at a Grammar School. 

TuitionWorks are enjoying developing their reputation in aiding with tuition to secure success on the 11-Plus exam and easing so many parents worry as their child approaches their crucial examination. 

Why are Grammar schools proving so popular? 

Here are some reasons: 

1. Best Performing Schools

As Grammar Schools offer an academic environment in which students are moved into a position to perform to their best ability. Grammar schools aim to recruit the UK’s most experienced and talented teachers. From the classroom to the sports arenas, parents can expect their children to receive an all-round quality experience in all areas. 

2. Less Class Distractions

Alternative school classrooms are made up of a wide range of children with their own skills and talents.  A number of these children unfortunately do not enjoy learning in the classroom. Many of these children are better suited to preparing for employment and developing more manual skills.

When children disengage with their lessons, they can become noisy or distracting to other pupils trying to learn, a negative drag factor.  This is much less likely to happen at a Grammar School as the selection process secures children who enjoy Academia and are enthusiastic learners. Fewer classroom distractions mean even more opportunities for children to achieve and succeed. 

3. University and Career Aspirations are Acknowledged

Parents who wish for their children to go to university and land a career prefer Grammar Schools because they are designed to fulfil these aims. Studies have revealed that female Grammar School students will earn 20-percent more than female students who attend non-selective schools. The same study also suggested that male Grammar School attendees were more likely to gain a university degree than male students at other Comprehensive Schools. 

4. All Aboard!

Just because tuition is free does not mean Grammar Schools come at zero costs. Some Grammar Schools will offer additional services which parents must pay for. This includes things like board – if the grammar school also operates as a boarding school.  Additional and convenient services like these may be the cherry on top of the cake for parents seeking out the best grammar schools. 

I firmly believe that any money spent on education in any form is money well spent. There is no greater investment than the investment you make in yourself. Whatever your tuition needs, TuitionWorks! 


If you’re feeling less than confident about the preparation required for the 11-Plus exam, TuitionWorks can provide an intensive course of personalised, one-to-one maths lessons from a qualified teacher like me. Just get in touch for a free consultation. 

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