The Benefits of Private Tuition for GCSE Students

GCSE students sitting an exam

GCSE is the ladder between KS3 and A-level or qualifications such as BTec, and the requirements for between 7 and 10 subjects can make it very challenging. Many students will experience at least some level of anxiety, stress, and pressure at some point. 

Should these undesirables ratchet up, help in the form of expert one-to-one tuition can make a life-changing difference.

Knowledge sharing diagram - passing a brain between two people

1. Address the gap between expected attainment and actual attainment.

Receiving a lower mark than anticipated in a test, or worse, a mock exam, can come as both a shock and a blow to confidence. Private tuition with an expert is the best way to address these issues and quickly change future outcomes.

2. Clarify specific topics that may have been missed, or omitted, or not understood.  This is especially important when proficiency in a particular topic is required to properly understand another.

3. In cases where a student is struggling with the content of a particular GCSE,

tuition can substantially improve knowledge, understanding, exam technique and thus confidence, leading inevitably to higher marks and better grades.

Students also find they are able to complete work more quickly.

4. Satisfy the feeling that some of the more able and/or mature students studying at this level can handle so much more than the school system requires of them.

In other words, allow and encourage them to work to their potential.

5. Students most often choose an A -Level on the basis of GCSEs they liked and were relatively good at.

A tutor helping with these subjects will not only improve the final exam grades at both levels but add extra knowledge and understanding that will ‘prime the pump’ ready for the best possible start when those A-levels begin.

Mark Farren, Science tutor

Mark F

Science tutor at TuitionWorks

“I tutor Maths, Chemistry and Physics up to A-level difficulty. As a full-time professional tutor with over 25 years’ teaching/tutoring experience, I can help my students get the best exam grades possible, as well as impart the longer-term benefits of improved skills, knowledge and confidence.


I have perfected my remote tutoring skills in order to make lessons extremely effective, in some respects even better than in-person tuition.”
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