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Thank you for completing your TuitionWorks maths assessment. You’re one step closer to mastering maths. The results have been sent to your tutor, who will discuss them with you in your free meet-and-greet.

Maths tutor

Tutor match guarantee

If your assigned tutor can’t offer the help you require, we have one who can.

Let us know why things aren’t working out after your first lesson and if the issue can’t be resolved we’ll set you up with a new tutor. This switch is free of charge.

Maths GCSE to A Level Transition Tips

Our referral discount

When you refer a friend to TuitionWorks, everybody wins. You both receive a reward, and your kids enjoy top-class maths tuition.

Ask us about our sibling and friend referral discount.

Maths GCSE to A Level Transition Tips

Need a little help?

Your welcome email contains login details for the TuitionWorks Dashboard. Here you can access our state-of-the-art online classroom, view upcoming lesson bookings and manage payments.

See the guides below for assistance. Each one includes a link to a YouTube help video playlist.

Clients' Dashboard Handbook Cover

Clients' Dashboard Handbook

Students' Dashboard Handbook Cover

Students' Dashboard Handbook

Classroom Space Handbook for Students

Students' and Customers' Whiteboard Handbook

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Hi there! We’re the Customer Success Team at TuitionWorks.

We’re here to make sure you get the best out of TuitionWorks. Contact us using the phone number or email address below.

Ricky Galer

Ricky Galer

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Joanna Kaye

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If you want to reach out we’re here between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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We’re keen to hear about your experience with us. Ricky, our Customer Success Manager, will talk you through the different ways you can leave us your feedback in the video below.


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