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At TuitionWorks, you are guaranteed to learn with an experienced English tutor who has been DBS-checked and vetted. Our tutors have demonstrated exceptional skills teaching GCSE English in the classroom which they bring with them to online tutoring. They know the GCSE curriculum inside out, and can turn it into engaging, rewarding lessons that will put your child ahead.

Learn with an experienced English tutor

Elements of English can be a real challenge for some students, so extra support in certain areas could make all the difference to exam success. Our tutors have abundant experience in teaching English at all levels, from planning lessons in the classroom to writing and evaluating assessment material.

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What our supermums say

Jess Howliston

“My son often gets nervous doing new things. He felt so much better about attending sessions after the 15-minute introduction meeting with his tutor. She put his mind at ease.

I honestly think the biggest credit I can give TuitionWorks is that when my son came off his first session, he asked me when his next one was and said he was looking forward to it! Coming from an 11-year-old boy who I often struggle to get to do any homework, that it high praise indeed.”

Claire Jacobs

“Booking can be done online or via telephone, which I found super easy to do. I completed an enquiry on TuitionWorks’ website and received a call that same day. My son found the assessment quite easy to follow, and even said it was quite fun!

His tutor was warm and welcoming, which alleviated any nerves, while the whiteboard was his favourite part of the lesson. It felt great that I was listened to as a parent, and how my son was included in all decisions.”

Jade Lloyd

“I like the really responsive Customer Success Team who contact you within one working day and answer any questions you have. Reminders and a link to your lesson are sent before your scheduled time. The whole set up is efficient and very professional. The TuitionWorks Whiteboard is easy to navigate, use and learn on.

Of his lesson, my son said: ‘I was worried it would make me feel not clever. But instead, I have finished feeling really proud. I feel smart.

Laura Beresford

“My son started off by completing his assessment. After each question you can check your answer and get a teacher’s explanation so you can understand where you made an error.  I liked this function as you can see immediately how you should have answered and the reasoning.

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Our tutors cover all levels. All tutors have been fully vetted.

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Free maths assessment

How the assessment works

After you’ve booked a meet-and-greet with a tutor, you’ll receive an email with a link to the online assessment.

Clicking on the link in the email will open the assessment in your web browser; please note that we recommend using Google Chrome.


The assessment’s material and setup

Each of our online english assessments use the national curriculum as a guide to test where a student’s GCSE-level knowledge and understanding is strong and where improvement may be required.

They consist of multiple-choice questions covering several science topics, and generally take no longer than 15-20 minutes to complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes TuitionWorks Specialists?

We are solely focused on one-to-one online tuition and providing only the highest quality tuition service. Our tutors are the best in the sector and are supported by the largest education services business in the UK, Supporting Education Group. They each have continuous access to training and development tools, a record of delivering fantastic results, and a desire to meet the needs of every student. 

What makes TuitionWorks Specialists?

We are solely focused on one-to-one online tuition in maths, english and science. Our tutors are selected as they are the best in the sector and are supported by one of the largest education services business in the UK, Supporting Education Group. They each have continuous access to training and development tools, a record of delivering fantastic results, and a desire to meet the needs of every student. 

Are all TuitionWorks’ tutors Fully Qualified Teachers (FQTs)?

No, we have a range of qualified and non-qulified teachers to suit your requirements.  Our promise to you is that all our tutors are trained to teach to the national curriculum’s requirements.  They are experienced, professional, and fully vetted, and they understand the needs of their students and how to get the very best out of them. 

What safety checks have TuitionWorks implemented?

All our tutors have been fully vetted and have up-to-date enhanced DBS checks. Every lesson is automatically recorded and safely stored for safeguarding purposes. If you have any concerns over something that happened in a particular lesson, please contact us at and we’ll investigate. Please note that we generally do not access lesson recordings unless requested. 

How do I book a free assessment?

Booking an assessment is easy. First, book a free meeting with one of our expert tutors. Simply click the ‘Book your lesson’ button at the top of this page and fill in the form that pops up. Our Customer Success team will contact you ASAP – usually within one working day – to arrange your meeting and free assessment.

How do I access a lesson?

Clients, students, and tutors can all access lessons via the TuitionWorks Dashboard. We’ll also send you email reminders with direct classroom links both 24-hours and 1-hour prior to the lesson’s start time. Details can be seen on page 7 of the TuitionWorks Clients’ Handbook, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Do I have to supervise lessons?

All our tutors are fully vetted to ensure they have up-to-date enhanced DBS checks. Students can participate in lessons without adult supervision; however, it is possible for you to sit in on a lesson if you would prefer. Our tutors will always have their webcams and microphones switched on, making them accessible and understandable. Students do not have to appear on webcam if they do not want to. 

How long is each lesson?

We recommend booking in a weekly 1-hour lesson to ensure students get the most from them.  However, we can flex timings and frequency of lessons to suit your requirements. If you would like to book lessons for a different duration, please let us know in the enquiry form or by emailing 

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