Summer learning – fun maths practice

Personalised maths practice led by tutors to keep young minds active during the summer holidays.
Three tailored packages to fit around your summer plans and the learning needs of your child.

1. Take the free maths assessment

Content only package

Key Stage 1 – GCSE

Tailored activities and 1 x 30 minute tuition.

Activities are fun and designed to keep brains active during the summer.  The tution sessions are purposefully short to keep your child motivated and on track with their learning whilst complementing your summer plans.

2. Meet and greet your tutor

Support package

Key Stage 1 – GCSE

Tailored activities and 2 x 30 minute tuition.

Makes learning fun.  Children can practice regularly with fun and engaging activities tailored to the child’s needs.  Tuition time is there to support this learning and keep child motivated and energised to keep on top.  Summer learning helps students return to school in September confident and ready.

3. Book your lessons

Exam ready package

Key Stage 2 – GCSE

Tailored activites and 4 x 1 hour tuition sessions

Is your child sitting an exam at the start of the school year?  Or do they just want to feel ready and confident for the new academic year?  Activities will be tailored to your child’s needs and can be completed at anytime.

Maths tutor

Our tutors are experts

At TuitionWorks, you are guaranteed to learn with a subject expert who has been DBS-checked and vetted. Our tutors know the cirriculum standards inside out, and can turn learning into engaging, rewarding lessons that will put you ahead.

Summer learning

The summer holidays brings a wonderful opportunity to kick back and relax, and we are big advocates of the power of rest. 

Our summer packages are deisgned to provide support around your valuable summer plans to make learning fun and to keep young minds interested and engaged.  We provide fun activities that can be completed at anytime and each programme is led by one of our expert tutors, meaning parents can be confident the child is getting the best possible support.

Eliza during maths tutoring
Showing tuition session reviewing results of activities

Getting started

At intial contact we will ascertain the learning level for the student and if there are specifically learning topics that will be most beneficial to focus on.  You will be given online access to our dedicated learning platform with carefully selected activities assigned to your child, enabling your child to complete them at your convenience.

Tuition sessions will be held online with the same tutor to ensure consistency.  These sessions will be led by the tutor reviewing the online activities completed and providing guidance and support to ensure your child can reach their goals in a fun and engaging environment.

Summer packages – pricing

Our summer packages start at £40. All tutors have been fully vetted.

Orange Hand

Plan your summer learning today

Contact our Customer Success Team to discuss our summer packages and how they can benefit you and your child.

What our supermums say

Ella Jones

My son’s tutor is fabulous. She is engaging and helpful and keeps him totally focused throughout the lesson. She explained everything in a way he could understand, focusing on him as an individual and tailoring her teaching accordingly.

I can safely say that I would definitely recommend TuitionWorks for online maths tuition, we are very impressed.”

Kara Guppy

“My daughter’s tutor, Raj, was brilliant with her. If she got an answer wrong, he broke the problem down and got her to answer each section, so she knew where she had made a mistake.

The hour-long session flew by and Eliza was really proud of the progress she had made, exclaiming that it was the “best maths lesson I have ever had” and she wished that Raj taught at her school! The sign of a good teacher, is one of inspires the kids to go above and beyond and after her session had finished, she sat down and continued to practice everything she had learned, getting me to set her some questions.”


Jenny Ripatti-Taylor

“My son has come on so much since starting tutoring. He had a real issue with problem solving and knowing how and where to start to solve it, but since working with TuitionWorks his critical thinking has definitely improved, as he has in each category of his maths work.”

Jess Howliston

“My son often gets nervous doing new things. He felt so much better about attending sessions after the 15-minute introduction meeting with his tutor. She put his mind at ease.

I honestly think the biggest credit I can give TuitionWorks is that when my son came off his first session, he asked me when his next one was and said he was looking forward to it! Coming from an 11-year-old boy who I often struggle to get to do any homework, that it high praise indeed.”

Claire Jacobs

“Booking can be done online or via telephone, which I found super easy to do. I completed an enquiry on TuitionWorks’ website and received a call that same day. My son found the assessment quite easy to follow, and even said it was quite fun!

His tutor was warm and welcoming, which alleviated any nerves, while the whiteboard was his favourite part of the lesson. It felt great that I was listened to as a parent, and how my son was included in all decisions.”

Jade Lloyd

“I like the really responsive Customer Success Team who contact you within one working day and answer any questions you have. Reminders and a link to your lesson are sent before your scheduled time. The whole set up is efficient and very professional. The TuitionWorks Whiteboard is easy to navigate, use and learn on.

Of his lesson, my son said: ‘I was worried it would make me feel not clever. But instead, I have finished feeling really proud. I feel smart.

Laura Beresford

“My son started off by completing his assessment. After each question you can check your answer and get a teacher’s explanation so you can understand where you made an error.  I liked this function as you can see immediately how you should have answered and the reasoning.